Welcome to Not By Bread Alone, a locally owned and operated Green Bay business since 1984!  We are proud of 30 year's in our community and strive to remain true to what has brought us this far.

Food from scratch with the best ingredients possible, consistancy and amazing customer service are what make us special.  Whether you are grabbing a Smoked Turkey sandwich for lunch, picking up a Sausage Bread for a Packer Tailagate or snagging some Shortbread Cookies for your next holiday, we want you to know  you are getting the best product with some Not By Bread Alone uniqueness.

Thank you for making us one of Green Bay's favorite bakery/cafe's!  We look forward to meeting you if we haven't and we look forward to continuing all of the great relationships we have already established!


                                              NBBA Christmas Menu 2014

                                         Available for Pick-up or Delivery 12/24 9-3pm

                                                            Place Orders by 12/17/2014


NBBA Homemade Eggnog-you add the spirits!


Shrimp Cocktail  (U12)                                                                 $45.00lb


Dinner Items                                                                                  6-8pp                    10-15pp               20-25pp

Seafood Gratin- Cold Water Lobster, King Crab, Jumbo

               Shrimp in a rich “Pink” Sauce*                                    $40.00pp             $40.00pp             $40.00pp

Standing Prime Rib with Herb Crust                                          $40.00lb

Beef Tenderloin                                                                            $45.00lb

Pork Shoulder Al’Diavolo-Spicy Rubbed Pork Butt  $40.00                  $75.00                  $125.00

Lasagna- Chicken Cheese, Traditional, Butternut Squash,

               Vegetarian                                                                      54.00 (serves 10)


Horseradish and Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes                   $20.00                  $40.00                  $60.00

Lobster Stuffed Ravioli (3 pc per person)                                $  9.00pp

Twice Baked Potatoes                                                                 $  4.00pp



Fresh Asparagus and Carrot Bundles                                        $3.50pp

Green Bean and Red Pepper Bundles                                       $2.50pp



Arugula, Pear and Blue Cheese Salad                                       32.00                    60.00                    100.00

Spinach Salad with Pomegranate Seeds, fresh orange,

               Walnut coated Goat Cheese Balls,

               Red onion and a pomegranate vinaigrette              $28.00                  $52.50                  $87.50



2014 Breakfast Items


Egg Strata- Bread base with sausage, sharp cheddar

            Cheese and a mushroom top (serves 12)     36.00


Crème Brule French Toast (serves 6)                                    24.00

Quiche Lorraine (serves 12)                                       33.00

Mediterranean Quiche (serves 12)                           33.00


Fresh Fruit Platter                                                      3.00pp





Seasonal Desserts and Gifts 

Most In-Stock, or 24 hour notice


Gift Bag of Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter

                        Balls                                                    $11.99

“Pile of Snowmen”  Cookies                                            $9.99

Snowman Brownies                                                          $4.00

Shortbread Manger Scene                                               $50.00


Bush de Noel “Stump” Cake                                      $75.00



Silver Boxed Assorted Cookies and Bars

                        (21 pieces)                                          $15.00

Christmas Shortbread Cookies                                  $12.00/dz

Peppermint Pie-Creamy White Chocolate and

            Peppermint Mousse in a Chocolate Cookie

            Crumb Crust (serves 16)                                $32.00

Eggnog Cheesecake-Graham Cracker Crust

            With a Creamy Eggnog Filling, Whipped

            Cream and a Sprinkle of Nutmeg                  $34.00